Did you know that more people have died descending Mt. Everest than have died in reaching the summit. Part of the problem may be is that people are so focused on reaching their objective, that they fail to plan appropriately for what they will do afterward. If we apply this analogy to retirement planning, often people are so focused on saving for retirement and reaching retirement that they fail to plan appropriately for what they will encounter once they have actually retired.

Summit Insurance and Financial Group, LLC is a Risk Management Firm devoted to helping people plan for the financial challenges that they will face during their retirement years.  With our risk management philosophy, everything we do is 100% protected against the risk of loss.  We are an independent agency representing the nations top companies.  With over 42 years combined experience and a bachelors degree in Risk Management & Insurance our goal is to eliminate your risks and provide you with the essential tools to prepare for and  live the retirement of your dreams.


  • Annuities (Fixed/CD Annuities, Index/Hybrid Annuites)
  • Immediate/Pension Annuities, and Hybrid Pension Plan Annuities
  • Long Term Care (Traditional and Alternatives)
  • Life Insurance (Term Life, Whole Life, Universal Life)
  • Health Insurance (Individual, Group, and Medicare Supplement)
  • Disability Insurance

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